Lots O' Huggin' Bear
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Lotso with Woody
Vital statistics
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Gender Male
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Level Fair Play
Status Alive
Location Sunnyside Daycare

Lots O' Huggin Bear (or Lotso for short) is the main antagonist of Toy Story 3. He is the ruler of Sunnyside.

Role in Toy Story 3: The Video GameEdit

Unlike in the movie, Lotso has a minor role in the video game. He only appears in the Sunnyside Daycare level in Story Mode. He greets Woody, Buzz, and Jessie to Sunnyside and tells them he and his friends are throwing a "New Toys Welcome Carnival". He also tells them about the games and to just smile, and have fun. When you're done with the games, you go back to Lotso and he tells you he just knows we'll be friends. Even though thats the the only appearance of him in Story Mode, he appears in Toy Box Mode where he has his very own glen called Lotso's Enchanted Glen. He tells you the pixies has changd his friends into caterpillars and to get the raibow wand, which is the only way to save them.



  • Even though he has a major role in the Junkyard scene in the movie and he is the one who leaves them to die in the incinerator, Lotso does not appear in the Junkyard level Trash Thrash.
  • In the movie, Lotso does not give the toys a welcome carnival.
  • His antagonistic role is not seen in the game, although it is hinted and mentioned in the level "Hide and Sneak".