Sparks is a robot who resides in Sunnyside Daycare.

Role in Toy Story 3: Video GameEdit

In Story Mode, Sparks appears in the level Fair Play, where he, along with Twitch amd Chunk, host a series of games in the "New Toys Welcome Carnival". Sparks hosts the Teeny Racer Challenge, where you have to smash all of the blocks before time runs out. In Toy Box Mode, Sparks does not physically appear, although his voice is heard when he narrated the "Zurg's Spaceport" area once you complete enough missions.



  • Sparks' antagonistic role as one of Lotso's henchmen is not mentioned or seen in this game.
  • Sparks talks much more in this game than he does in the movie, having a total of 2 lines in the film.