Vital statistics
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Gender Female
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Level Fair Play
Status Alive
Location Sunnyside Daycare

Stretch is an octopus who resides on Sunnyside Daycare.

Role in Toy Story 3: The Video GameEdit

Stretch has a extrememly minor role in the game. She only appears in Story Mode in the level Fair Play where she is behind Twitch in the shelf, sitting on a box. As you walk past her, she welcomes you, as well as saying a bunch of other comments about Sunnyside. She does not physically appear in Toy Box, however, she narrates the introduction of Stunt Park once you play enough missions and unlock it.


  • For some reason, Stretch does not appear in the Wii and PC versions of the level Fair Play and is only included in the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the level. In the other two versions of the game, Stretch and the box she is sitting on is replaced with a flower pot.
  • How Stretch does not appear in two versions of the game is similar to Big Baby, who also does not appear in the Wii and PC versions.
  • Stretch and Big Baby are the only characters in Fair Play who don't host any games.
  • Stretch's antagonistic role as Lotso's henchwoman is not seen or mentioned in the game.